NEW SERVICE TIMES: 9:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Crossroad Community Church is to glorify God by enjoying Christ-centered worship, walk, work, and witness.

Christ is the center and substance of our worship. We are called to worship Him in spirit and truth. Worship involves both the individual’s personal devotional time with God and the gathering of believers in Christ for the purpose of expressing their love for Jesus publicly.

Worship includes prayer, praise, giving, and confession of sin, as well as the reading, meditating, preaching, and teaching of God’s Word.

Our personal walk with God should be our main and daily priority. If we walk in His power, we will exhibit His qualities. We are called to walk humbly, to walk in obedience, to walk in the light, to walk in the truth, and to walk in the control of the Holy Spirit. Simply put, our responsibility as followers is to walk as He did.

God gives each of us spiritual gifts, resources, and abilities to build up and strengthen the body of Christ and to help others outside the body of Christ. We have been equipped and shaped by God for ministry. We are to serve by loving our neighbors, being eager to do what is good, and to remember the poor in our community. All the while, we should be seeking the peace and prosperity of the city and praying for it.

We are called to active evangelism and lifestyle evangelism. We pray for open doors to tell others about Jesus and share the good news of the gospel. We must be ready to give an answer to those who ask us, doing it with all gentleness and respect. This should be backed up with our personal walk with Jesus as a living witness in character, by building relationships with people in order to gain a hearing from them.


1. We believe that all preaching and teaching must be biblical, called, and anointed. Biblical preaching and teaching is the foundation for transforming individuals' lives to conform to the image of Christ.

2. We believe that evangelizing the lost is a key priority. Jesus came to "seek and to save that which is lost". Therefore, lost people are important to God and important to the Church.

3. We believe that God has placed us in this time and place. Therefore, the Church should be culturally relevant yet doctrinally pure. This includes (but is not limited to) relating to our culture through our facility, outreach initiatives, printed materials, and the use of the arts (drama, music, etc.) while bringing glory to Christ in all means and methods.

4. We believe that regenerated Believers (Christians) should yearn for Christlikeness. Therefore, we encourage an atmosphere that encourages a hunger and thirst for spiritual growth.

5. We believe that unity and harmony in the church is glorifying to Christ. We believe a church should operate as a unified community of servants, with men and women stewarding their spiritual gifts and exhibiting the love of Christ toward one another, and that maintaining discipline in the church encourages good servanthood, unity, and harmony.

6. We believe that excellence honors God and inspires people. Therefore, quality should never be compromised to achieve quantity or consensus. Staying true to correct Biblical interpretation and practical application requires regular evaluation, critical review, and accountability.

7. We believe that being fully satisfied and content in Christ is the highest joy for the Christian and gives the greatest glory to God. Therefore, all that is done is for the purpose of encouraging the Christian's pursuit of an unwavering and full devotion to Christ and His cause.