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Complaining Vs. Thankfulness
| Mary Lawler

Complain, complain, complain.  It’s become our national language.

                It’s too hot.

                It’s too cold.

                It’s too dry.

                It’s too wet.

Complaining does nothing good.  If allowed to continue, it breeds discontent and negative attitudes.

The Israelites were complainers.  You’d think they would’ve been grateful God worked through Moses and as a result they were delivered from 400 years of slavery (Numbers 14:1-4 and 22-25).

They complained about what God provided to eat so God gave them food enough for a day (Numbers 16:3).  They wanted meat to eat so God gave them quail up to their noses (Numbers 11:33).  They were thirsty and complained.  God gave again (Numbers 17:3).

Did the Israelites thank God?  No, they just found something else to complain about.  God was so displeased with their complaining He withheld the Promised Land from this complaining generation.  So the Israelites wandered 40 years.  Were they lost?  Well, not geographically.  They weren’t far mileage wise but their hearts were far from God.  That specific generation lost the Promised Reward.  If Israel obeyed God He promised to give them a wonderful land.  God did fulfill the promise as Joshua 40 years later led the Israelites into that land.

Ever notice how contagious complaining is in a group?  Each tries to top another’s complaint.  A colleague once challenged a lunch group to look again at how good we had it.  He was right.  We began to purposefully seek other topics to talk about.  When we did the atmosphere amazingly improved.  Some of the group grew silent or even withdrew from the group when the complaining returned.

So choose a different attitude.  Replace complaining with thankfulness.  I challenge you to list 5 different things for which you are thankful each day.  It may be easy at first, but keep at it.  Replace complaining with action.  Take steps to fix the problem if you are able.  Or work with others to find a solution.  Replace complaining with giving.  There are so many needs. Go out and help.  Pray for others.

I realize these are very difficult times.  Let’s depend on God to give us the strength, the endurance, the heart, and the words that will get us through.  When it looks too big for humans it’s just right for God.

 Who would you rather be around - positive or negative people?  Why not be that positive voice? Why not be that joyful voice?  Why not bring praises?  Why not bring help?

Why not?


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