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Crazy About You!
| Mary Lawler


Just want to be loved?

What a ridiculous question!  Of course, we all want to be loved.

Do you know God loves you?

He’s crazy about you!  He wants you to know it.  He invites you to know Him – not know about Him.  But know Him.

He doesn’t require you to be perfect.  He knows we will sin.  Don’t allow that to keep you away.

Yeah, you may want to be better, things to change.  God can help you live differently.  He can change your heart.

How do you grow a relationship?  Any relationship?  You spend time together.  You get to know one another.  You come to accept each other and even trust.  A relationship with God grows the same way.

Not sure?

Talk to people who know Him well from personal experience.  Read about Him.  Talk with Him.  Listen to Him.

He knows all about you –  your past

                                                your present

                                                 your thoughts

                                                 and even how many hairs are on your


He wants you to know He loves you.  He accepts you.  You are significant to Him.  He wants to help you.  He wants to bless you.

And He’s really crazy about you.  Why not give Him a try?  I think you’ll be glad you did.

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