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God's Promises Part 3
| Mary Lawler

Who can you trust?  Tho’ people will fail us God won’t.  God is bigger than we can imagine.  I don’t begin to understand all He’s done.  But as I learn more and more about His promises I trust Him more and more.

                Our amazing God is a mighty God.  He promised drought for 3 years.  There was no rain for 3 years.  His prophet, Elijah, was fed and given water by ravens for, you guessed it, 3 years. God then promised rain although there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  Yet, it rained (I Kings 17:1+).

                God promises to provide our needs.  In another example there wasn’t one but millions to care for.  The Israelites were wandering in the desert for 40 years.  Taking enough food would be impossible.  So God sent manna and quail to feed them (Exodus 16:4-16 and Numbers 11:31-32).  Once the Israelites arrived in the Promised Land the manna and quail stopped.  The Promised Land had all they needed for the taking.  Their Promised Land had grain, grapes, honey, olive oil – nothing was lacking (Deut. 8:4).

                I can have unshakeable hope because the battle is the Lord’s.  David was completely out-sized by Goliath.  Yet God aided David and Goliath was slain (I Samuel 17:45-50).  When the Israelites were being pursued by the Egyptian army, it looked hopeless.  When they reached the Red Sea there was no navy to assist them.  God dried up the Sea long enough for the Israelites to cross.  Yes, they crossed on dry ground.  Then the waters returned to drown out the entire Egyptian army (Exodus 14).  God prevailed.

                Today, God promises me strength and endurance (Isaiah 40:31).  I found His promise true during very trying health issues over and over again.  When I was at the end of my rope He came through.

                God’s attributes make Him uniquely equipped.  He is all-knowing.  He searches the hearts of everyone and observes everyone’s ways (Job 24:23).  He is all powerful (Job 42:2).  He is with His children everywhere at all times (Jer. 23:24).   How can I not trust Him?!

                Most importantly, God promises us a Savior.  All of us need saved because all of us sin.  Without Christ’s sacrifice on the cross we are all headed to hell (Romans 8:1).  God’s done everything to remove the obstacles between Himself and us.  I only need to accept Christ as my Savior and Lord.  True believers will praise and thank God forever in Heaven where there will be no more tears nor pain (I John 5:11-12 and Rev. 21:3-4).

                In this crazy world we need to trust Him.  Because of God’s unbreakable promises I can have unshakeable HOPE!  He has proven trustworthy over and over and over again.  He’s been faithful in the past.  He’s faithful in the present.  Yes, I will trust Him for my future.  I rely on God my Rock.  He wants to be your Rock, too.  My prayer is for you to trust Him, too. 

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