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| Mary Lawler

     I can live without many things. I can live through bad circumstances.  I can even live without food and water for a time. 

But I can’t live without hope.

   Basing my hope on my own abilities or strengths is so dismal.  By myself, I can’t fix much of anything; not abuse, loneliness, relationships, jobs, or myself.

     So do I just throw up my hands and give up?  Or do I go to the wisest and strongest, the one who loves me the most?  Do I come to the One who:

            Knows all – including the future and other peoples’ hearts;

                        Can do all I could ever need and more;

                    Has already proven His love for me at Calvary?

Do I come to my heavenly Father?

                        My heavenly Father – He is all-knowing.

                                      He is all-powerful.

                                 He loves me without equal.

                                     He created the world. 

                                        He designed me. 

                        He has answers for each and every need.

That’s HOPE!

    So how do I connect Him with my brokenness?  I read about how He has worked throughout history.  The Bible records how He came through with:

                                         Victories in war

                                   Babies for those without




                                        Victory over death

                    And words for when we don’t know what to say.

     He included the least – not just the ‘in crowd’.  I do not have to qualify via my efforts to get His help.

    I get to know Him.  I talk with other believers and see how He helped them.  I believe His Word.  I talk to Him and then LISTEN.

    Christians are never promised a trouble-free life.  But He promised I would never be alone in these troubles.  That’s why I can always have HOPE.

    If you would like help finding that hope and answers, give Still Waters Biblical Counseling a try.



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