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Real God for Real Life
| Pastor Andy Lee

Real God: Real People: Real Change: This is our sermon series from the beginning of the year till now. We have been focusing on those 3 main truths and how they apply to our Real Life. Real Life is the current series that we have just started. This is where most of us live, in the everyday aspect of our life. We all have probably thought this, ‘How do we draw closer to God’, or ‘how do I change personally’, or even ‘grow with the people’ that are in our lives? 

I don’t know about you but I am so glad that we have real truth and real hope in this life. Real life hits us in the face every day, every week, and every month. Life hits us with real doubts, real questions, real struggles, and real hurts. It is in the midst of these real-life circumstances that we can discover God’s presence and help in our time of need

I am so glad that God comes to help us with real life

He gives us real answers, real power to overcome struggles, real peace and strength even in the midst of difficult days and weeks and months. 

Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the fullest.” (Jn.10:10)  Jesus is saying that He came to give us Real Life.  The abundant, the fruitful, and flourishing life.

I guess the real question is this: Am I living a life that is real and experiencing the life that Jesus came to give us? Or, am I just existing, and going through the motions?

Apart from Jesus that is true, we just exist, but if we have a relationship with Jesus through faith in Him and what He did for us on the cross and the empty tomb, then I do have real life. His life, now living through me.   That’s the sweet spot, being united with Him in this life and then forevermore. 

I know sometimes the hardest thing for us in life is just being real. Can I just be myself and be genuine? Do Christians have to be perfect? It’s hard enough living a real life, with real work and real kids and real laundry and bills. And then we add to it not being true to myself or to others. It only gets harder when we do that. 

Yet, here is an amazing truth: The real God is in love with the real you. 

He knows the real you and your real struggles and hurts, and yet He loves you and me and comes alongside us and helps us through ALL of the issues and ALL of the circumstances we face. 

One of my wife’s favorite T-shirts says this, “Jesus loves this hot mess!" And so do I.   :)  

So go ahead and don’t be afraid to live the real life - being the real you - with the Real God.

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