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Say What?
| Mary Lawler

Say What?!

Who do you talk to?  About what?

Have you noticed everyone is an expert now-days on everything?  Make a comment and notice how quickly others respond with advice.  Yet, you didn’t ask for help.  There was not a single question to clarify or seek details.  Feel hijacked?

Have you noticed how negative we are?  We complain about everything.  The Israelites grumbled and disobeyed God.  It cost them 40 years of wandering and time in the ‘promised land’.

And if someone in authority corrects us we’re the first to talk about how they yelled!  The volume isn’t the issue, it’s the hurt feelings behind it. 

No wonder people are so mad.  Not much fun in being around them.  But, there are some people who we love to talk to because we feel affirmed and important.  How do they do that?

Be an encourager. God commands it and He never commands something that He hasn’t equipped you to do.  Barnabas was an encourager in the New Testament.  He gave to the early church. He brought Saul to the apostles.  He also taught, carried gifts for delivery, even worked for a living.  He gave his time and money.

Nice job! Way to go! Best ever! You’re important! You’re special!

Acknowledge feelings.  “That must have hurt. Was it frustrating?  How did you figure that out?  What will you do?”

You’re sensational!  Outstanding!  Great discovery!  You made my day!  I trust you!

If we need to correct it’s been suggested that for each negative we speak it takes 8 to 10 positives to balance it out.  At least make a ‘sandwich’ with a compliment as the bread and the criticism as the ‘meat’.   

Give of your time.  Help with the obvious, the specialty, and the mundane. 

Phenomenal! Hip, Hip Hooray! You’re on target! Nothing can stop you now. Now you’ve got it!

Listen.  Most of us feel better when we have a chance to talk issues out. 

Ask specific questions.  “How often...?  Did it take a lot of practice?  How did you do that?  Who usually sits in first chair?  What was the class average?  Is that a personal best?” It shows you care.

We need to be sincere and specific.  If you don’t really care, don’t fake it.  Examine your own heart.  Why don’t you care? 

Lockdown for corona has given us this opportunity to re-evaluate.  Time to make some changes.  Let’s value people.  Encourage, give someone courage, today.

Ephesians 4:29 says, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

You deserve a pat on the back. You make me happy. You’re important. What an imagination! You mean a lot to me.

You’ll find 20 encouragements in this blog.  Take them and get started.  You’ll feel great and so will they.

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