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Wake-Up Call?
| Mary Lawler

What gets your attention?

Fireworks, miracles, a whisper, surprises?

Sure – we get involved and then we return to our routine.

Routine – known, comfortable and well... routine.

Then something BIG hits.  It can be good like winning the lottery or negative like Covid-19.  And life changes drastically.

You have more questions than answers. You have a choice.  How will you deal with these drastic changes? 

How will you react?  In whom or what do you trust? 

Are you living a life of which to be proud?

Will you choose compassion and help others?  Or just think of yourself hoarding?  Ignoring precautions that help all of us? 

We have a wake-up call.  Will you become a better person or just hit the snooze and sleepwalk through life? 






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