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| Mary Lawler

What is never helpful?  Spreads like wildfire? Causes great damage? Takes many forms yet few contend to stop it?


Gossip makes the teller feel important.  Ya, the “I know something you don’t know” thing.  Being in the know puffs one up with pride.  And when the hearer returns for an update, the teller is reinforced as to how important they are.

What does your communication say about your character?

Are we really so ill-equipped we have nothing left to talk about?

Are we really so desperate to feel good about ourselves that we do so at someone else’s expense?  Do we so undervalue people that we use them?

Do we really need inaccurate information?

No, no, no, and no.

How do you know if your ‘information’ is gossip?

                Try these 2 tests:  1) does it affect me personally?

                                                2) will sharing it solve the problem?

God wants me to speak to build up someone (Ephes. 4:29). He commands me to tell the truth(Eph.4:25).

In the book of James, we see the tongue has great power to do evil (3:5-10).

Want to stop?


  1. Do not share. Do not, do not, do not (Prov 26:20).
  2. Suggest a different topic. Don’t react; gossip is fueled by reaction.  Walk away.
  3. Ask for the source of the information. The only reliable source is the direct source.
  4. Stand up for yourself and your friends. Go to the source, ask them to stop.
  5. Use the same energy to compliment someone directly. Their smile will show that you made their day. 
  6. Offer help. Be a friend.  Offer a hand, a prayer.

Today is a great day to start.  Be a part of positive change.



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