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Would Biblical Counseling Help You?
| Mary Lawler

Would Biblical Counseling Help You?

What’s it all about? 

Here’s a look at Biblical Counseling:

I’ve been contributing this blog for a year.  I’ve tried to explain Biblical Counseling – what we do and how.  I’ve related a biblical stance as I’ve written about the common problems.  This time we’ll hear from a few counselees, anonymously, of course.  The question topic is in italics.

Was it hard to begin counseling?

All replied no.

What have you found to be easy?

This is a place of kindness and compassion.  It’s not judgmental.  So it was easy to talk.

It’s someone to talk to and express my feelings and my side.

What’s been the biggest help?

Looking at the Bible.

I have found the consistency of the Scriptures and the Spiritual to help the most.

What changes have you made as a result of counseling?

Trusting God and not worrying.  Now I understand.  Answers are in my heart and head.  I’m living it.

Being open.  We’ve gotten to the root of the problem!  Medicine only sugarcoats it.  You’ve got to face things and counseling helps.

What would you change?


The room.

Sound like something which could help?  If so, contact us.  Still Waters Biblical Counseling really is ready to help and we’re free.


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